From the guys who brought us the DJi Phantom, Inspire and Mavic drones, here comes the DJi Osmo Mobile. Same technology as the DJi Osmo but ready for use with a smartphone. This smartphone gimbal is available to rent at Moose!

The DJi Osmo Mobile is a handheld 3 axis gimbal stabiliser for smartphones and can be used with the DJi Go app. Controllable with Android or Apple devices, your choice. This small little unit is great for doing BTS or tracking shots. This unit is especially handy if you are a vlogger!

The possibilities will definitely become endless once you get used to operating this beautifully simplistic piece of technology.


So what can you expect from the DJi Osmo Mobile?

As mentioned earlier, this unit is a gimbal and not like the Osmo with a built-in camera. All the features we’ll be touching on is all cellphone related, the only difference being Android and Apple.So the normal photo and video modes are applicable but with added functionality.

You can adjust the frame rate and resolution while still having the ability to record time-lapse movies all via the app. The feature that stands out most is the “follow” mode. This is where you can draw a box around your face (on your phone obviously) and the camera will follow you  as you move the stick around. It helps for making steady-shot movies by yourself, that is all thanks to ActiveTrack technology, built into the DJI GO app, making sure every shot is a cinematic one.

So whether you’re slipping and sliding at the waterpark, skateboarding down the road or just going for a jog,the stabiliser is always active and ready.

Just so you know,low energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology does use less resources than Wifi, all this is due to the fact that Bluetooth connects 2-3 devices at a time whereas wifi can connect multiple devices simultaneously. The Dji Go app uses this technology to connect your phone and the gimbal, although some people don’t use the app at all, its a personal preference thing.

Apart from letting you line up shots, change picture taking modes and prepare panoramas, you can also your set ISO and Shutter speed within the app, and even live stream straight to Youtube! (Isn’t that a vloggers dream?)

The battery life is not bad either, in actual fact, it is great, a full charge can give you just over four hours per battery but be weary that the DJi Go app does consume your phone’s battery faster.

I would recommend watching your phone’s battery more than watching the battery life of the Dji Osmo Mobile.

The ergonomic handle is made of high quality plastic with a nice rubber grip. The overall fit and finish are excellent and all buttons, placed within easy reach of your fingers for obvious reasons, have a nice tactile feel to them just to make sure the gimbal is comfortable in hands while operating.