The Dana Dolly Rental Kit

Dana Dolly

The Dana Dolly Rental Kit

Ever felt the need to do a little 6’ (1.8 meter) track shot, to add that cinematic magic? Look no further! Introducing the portable dolly system, known as the Dana Dolly. – Full kit available to rent at Moose 🙂

Key Features

The platform is made from aluminium and has a Mitchell Mount with elongated machined keyway.  Fluid heads with 70mm, 100mm and 150mm bowl adapters are supported. The rental kit includes a monitor adapter (with ball head) two track ends, centre support and a multi-tool. 

It may be small but can handle a load capacity of up to 45 kgs and is supported by 16 soft polyurethane wheels that guarantee a smooth track every time.

Dana Dolly Kit Unpacked


Setting up the Dana Dolly system is simple.  All that you require are two poles, ranging between 35mm to 50mm in diameter. The poles can be rigged in a variety of ways as well.  e.g. You can use junior stands, apple boxes or even put it on the floor! The entire kit (including poles) is available to rent from us.

The Dana Dolly really doesn’t need much space and doesn’t take up valuable production time. Depending on the length of the track you want to use, you can set up the entire dolly system in under 15 minutes!

The simple yet functional speed rail dolly system works great even in tight spaces… If you can just about squeeze in the camera operator then you can just about squeeze in the Dana Dolly.

Dana Dolly Kit Underslung Setup

Another great feature is that you can underslung your camera on the Dana Dolly (flip and grip it upside down), allowing for super low angle tracking shots which most dollies can’t do. It is features like this, along with it’s versatility and affordability that truly set it apart from the competition!