Skypanel S360-C

Skypanel S360-C

The ARRI SkyPanel range has always been known for its astonishing output and large light aperture. The Skypanel S360-C is one of the most versatile LED fixtures available on the market. It is powerful and packed full of exciting features, also being the largest and brightest SkyPanel to date, available to rent at Moose, don’t be late (or left in the dark) .

The Skypanel S360-C is truly a beast of a light and is perfect for lighting large areas with tunable soft light, it has four times the output of the Skypanel S60-C and six times the aperture size.

All Skypanel ‘C’ models are tuneable, that just makes it so much easier to create the look and colour you want, right on set, no gels required! (It comes built in)

The Skypanel S360-C comes with 4 swappable panels consisting of light, standard and heavy diffusion, it also has an Intensifier panel which increases the brightness by 50%! (As if this light is not bright enough, come check for yourself if you don’t believe me).

The S360-C also comes with a Skypanel Remote that adds new flexibility and ease-of-use for the popular SkyPanel line of luminaires (that means it is a complete electric light unit). The Skypanel Remote connects to any SkyPanel (yes ANY skypanel) via a USB cable and allows for full control of the fixture remotely.

This is particularly useful if the SkyPanel is high up on a light stand or in a position where the onboard control panel is difficult to access. To make sure you don’t misplace your Skypanel remote, you can mount it magnetically to your light stand.

Then there’s also the 6×6 Softbox, it attaches directly to the front of the SkyPanel and creates a larger aperture with beautiful soft light using magic cloth diffusion and you don’t need any mounting hardware at all!

Size has not been compromised when it comes to the S360-C, the surface area of the S360-C is over 5.8 times larger than the S60 and produces beautiful soft light in a wide 105º beam angle.

The S360-C is a versatile, low power-drawing high-output LED light. At over 120,000 lumens, the S360-C is one of the brightest LED soft lights on the market. Compared to the S60-C, the S360-C is more than four times brighter and maintains excellent colour quality.

Consuming only 1500 watts, the S360-C is twice as bright as a 4,000-watt tungsten soft light and over three times as bright as a 12,000-watt tungsten space light.

Achieving an energy efficacy of over 80 lumens per watt, the S360-C is also one of the most eco-friendly LED soft lights available while also being one of the brightest and its available to rent at Moose.


Skypanel S60-C

Skypanel S60-C

The Arri Skypanel S60-C is a mid-range model of the Skypanel range and unlike other tuneable fixtures, the Skypanel range makes no sacrifice when it comes to light output, neither do we when it comes to gear rentals.😎

The Skypanels put out a tremendous amount of light, but in a soft and uniform beam field. The S60-C has more than enough light for most applications, brighter than a 2 kW tungsten soft light or a 6 kW tungsten space light. The Skypanel S60-C is able to perform beautifully at lower light levels and has a light aperture of 645 x 300 mm, accommodating a vast majority of applications. This range of illumination and colour gives users an unprecedented amount of control.

The Skypanel S60-C has a front diffusion panel, Softbox and SnapGrid as well. The Softbox and SnapGrid install easily onto the light with no other additional hardware required, it’s all about simplicity.

Being a smaller light than the Skypanel S360-C means that you can power the light with V-Lock batteries (23 to 36 V DC) as well for quick mobility without having to worry about cables for a short period of time.

The S60-C can also be controlled via the Skypanel Remote in case you need to have the light higher than where you can reach, other than that, you can use the simplistic 3 knob system on the light fixture itself.

Not forgetting the various light settings and effects already built in (that gets updated regularly), the possibilities of getting the perfect lighting for whatever mood you want to create has now become possible in a much easier way than ever before.




From the guys who brought us the DJi Phantom, Inspire and Mavic drones, here comes the DJi Osmo Mobile. Same technology as the DJi Osmo but ready for use with a smartphone. This smartphone gimbal is available to rent at Moose!

The DJi Osmo Mobile is a handheld 3 axis gimbal stabiliser for smartphones and can be used with the DJi Go app. Controllable with Android or Apple devices, your choice. This small little unit is great for doing BTS or tracking shots. This unit is especially handy if you are a vlogger!

The possibilities will definitely become endless once you get used to operating this beautifully simplistic piece of technology.


So what can you expect from the DJi Osmo Mobile?

As mentioned earlier, this unit is a gimbal and not like the Osmo with a built-in camera. All the features we’ll be touching on is all cellphone related, the only difference being Android and Apple.So the normal photo and video modes are applicable but with added functionality.

You can adjust the frame rate and resolution while still having the ability to record time-lapse movies all via the app. The feature that stands out most is the “follow” mode. This is where you can draw a box around your face (on your phone obviously) and the camera will follow you  as you move the stick around. It helps for making steady-shot movies by yourself, that is all thanks to ActiveTrack technology, built into the DJI GO app, making sure every shot is a cinematic one.

So whether you’re slipping and sliding at the waterpark, skateboarding down the road or just going for a jog,the stabiliser is always active and ready.

Just so you know,low energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology does use less resources than Wifi, all this is due to the fact that Bluetooth connects 2-3 devices at a time whereas wifi can connect multiple devices simultaneously. The Dji Go app uses this technology to connect your phone and the gimbal, although some people don’t use the app at all, its a personal preference thing.

Apart from letting you line up shots, change picture taking modes and prepare panoramas, you can also your set ISO and Shutter speed within the app, and even live stream straight to Youtube! (Isn’t that a vloggers dream?)

The battery life is not bad either, in actual fact, it is great, a full charge can give you just over four hours per battery but be weary that the DJi Go app does consume your phone’s battery faster.

I would recommend watching your phone’s battery more than watching the battery life of the Dji Osmo Mobile.

The ergonomic handle is made of high quality plastic with a nice rubber grip. The overall fit and finish are excellent and all buttons, placed within easy reach of your fingers for obvious reasons, have a nice tactile feel to them just to make sure the gimbal is comfortable in hands while operating.



The Dana Dolly Rental Kit

Dana Dolly

The Dana Dolly Rental Kit

Ever felt the need to do a little 6’ (1.8 meter) track shot, to add that cinematic magic? Look no further! Introducing the portable dolly system, known as the Dana Dolly. – Full kit available to rent at Moose 🙂

Key Features

The platform is made from aluminium and has a Mitchell Mount with elongated machined keyway.  Fluid heads with 70mm, 100mm and 150mm bowl adapters are supported. The rental kit includes a monitor adapter (with ball head) two track ends, centre support and a multi-tool. 

It may be small but can handle a load capacity of up to 45 kgs and is supported by 16 soft polyurethane wheels that guarantee a smooth track every time.

Dana Dolly Kit Unpacked


Setting up the Dana Dolly system is simple.  All that you require are two poles, ranging between 35mm to 50mm in diameter. The poles can be rigged in a variety of ways as well.  e.g. You can use junior stands, apple boxes or even put it on the floor! The entire kit (including poles) is available to rent from us.

The Dana Dolly really doesn’t need much space and doesn’t take up valuable production time. Depending on the length of the track you want to use, you can set up the entire dolly system in under 15 minutes!

The simple yet functional speed rail dolly system works great even in tight spaces… If you can just about squeeze in the camera operator then you can just about squeeze in the Dana Dolly.

Dana Dolly Kit Underslung Setup

Another great feature is that you can underslung your camera on the Dana Dolly (flip and grip it upside down), allowing for super low angle tracking shots which most dollies can’t do. It is features like this, along with it’s versatility and affordability that truly set it apart from the competition!


Easy Rig with Serene

Easy Rig

Do you sometimes wonder how you can improve your handheld skills? Well, if your camera work is anything like mine (slightly shaky…) then I would try out an Easy Rig!

Why an Easy Rig you might ask? The answer is literally in the name, trust me!

The Easy Rig is a body-worn overhead support cable system that gives you the speed and mobility of being handheld but still getting steady shots. The design of the Easyrig reduces the load on your neck and shoulder muscles, making it more comfortable to use. It evenly distributes the weight of your rig to other parts of the upper body, including your hips. No more neck pain and lower back strain!

With a redefined support structure you are able to endure longer hours in the saddle with less pain and strain.

Combine it with a *Movi Pro (or your gimbal of choice) and a *Flowcine Dual Axis Puppeteer and experience control like never before. Apart from having a very cinematic handheld feel, you will definitely love the smooth easy flowing motion. I know we are all different and opinionated but there’s not much to fault here. 

*All the gear mentioned above is available to rent at Moose.

Serene Arm

The Serene arm comes with the Easy Rig (standard kit at Moose) stabilises vibrations and motion errors on the vertical axis that comes from walking or running with the rig as well as side to side errors in the same scenarios by counter pivoting around it’s center axis.

You still have full use of the Easyrig cord extension that allows you to go from high to low mode while the Serene Arm will take care of the vertical and side to side stabilisation adding two more stabilised axis to your existing system. It also acts as a counter balance when you attach heavier rigs, making the Serene Arm level with the Easy Rig.

The way I see it, this would be the ideal rig to use especially for those hard-to-get POV shots.

Furthermore, you can also set your tension on the cable system for that exact fine tuning which enables you to have your entire rig “floating” in front of you.

If you haven’t tried it yet and love doing handheld work or even if you are the avid filmmaker, pop in at Moose where you would find two Easy Rig setups, namely the Cine 3 and the Vario 5, two different systems yes but the same great results.